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The Business Environment (Text Book)


About the training materials

Understanding the Business Environment is an important starting point for anyone looking for a career in Business Administration.  For that reason, a module on this topic is often one of the mandatory units for Level 2 qualifications.

This information in this textbook is designed to provide an overview of the main learning outcomes required.  It assumes no prior knowledge of business, management or administrative skills and is therefore suitable as an introductory text or as part of a course.

The materials consist a twelve-page textbook in PDF format.  This can be used to provide notes for trainers or distributed as full course notes.

The content covers:

  • Different types of businesses
  • How businesses function
  • The scope and size of business
  • Working in large and small organisations
  • Changing patterns of employment
  • Understanding market forces
  • Differentiation

PowerPoint files for this course are available together with the textbook from the link below.

Sample page

Download a sample of a some pages from the textbook

* Please note that this is a watermaked low-resolution pdf that cannot be used for training purposes.

What's included?



 A twelve-page PDF file providing detailed information about each of the topics covered.

What you need to know

Suggested timing

Suggested timing

Self-paced learning

Package Size

Package Size

Supplied as a ZIP file - approx 1MB

Education level

Education level

Suitable for Level 2 learners

* More information about levels of education in the UK can be found in an article in the TIPS SECTION


* More information about copyright can be found in the Terms and Conditions

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