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The Concept

“Let's not re-invent the wheel!”

Let’s face it, not much is new in the world of training, and all over the UK trainers are re-inventing the wheel by starting from scratch to create presentations that have been delivered a million times over!

Some results are excellent of course, but much of the time learners suffer from ‘Death by PowerPoint’.  The approach at SkillsWheel has been to collect presentations covering many subjects.  The process was simply to check that they were accurate and current and re-make them using plain English and professionally designed templates.

Resources - NOT kits

It’s a fact that most trainers don’t like working from ‘kits’ with pre-prescribed lesson plans, timings and exercises, especially when those kits can cost hundreds of pounds.

SkillWheel simply does the donkey work by researching the subject and providing suggested content and well-designed presentations.  How you adapt those materials is up to you.

Instant Access
Instant Access

So, you’re booked to deliver a course tomorrow and could do with some updated materials. Waiting for delivery is not an option.  You need to start working on the course NOW.

As soon as your payment is received, you’ll have instant access to your new course assets.

Diversity Aware
Diversity Aware

It’s important to be aware of diversity and gender issues when presenting.  At the same time, it can be REALLY difficult to find copyright-free images to use won’t offend in one way or another.

Illustrations used in SkillsWheel materials are predominantly ‘stick men’ and photographs dispay diversity wherever possible.

Dealing with difficult people
SkillsWheel presentation used for online learning.
Attitude, skill, knowledge

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